2016 Goal Wrap-up

2016 was a big year for me. Besides accomplishing several of my goals, I also had a baby in June which added some unforeseen challenges to my goals. Below are my original goals with my report on each in purple. I also added some goals part way through the year that are at the bottom in green.

-Write several times a week, finish more writing workbooks 

When I made writing goals, I was in a huge writing kick. I love writing and I would use nap time to do it. Unfortunately, pregnancy and childbirth made me tired, and so my only hour with a quiet house was toast for the entire year. I should have predicted that. 

-Finish my book, at least to a rough draft level

See note above. I do plan to come back and finish the book at some point.

-Work out at least 4 times a week

Check! It really helps to have a gym membership to the best gym in town and lots of friends who go and hold me accountable. And not to mention two hours of child care where the kids get to socialise and I get my sweet freedom to workout at my own pace.

-Continue to build healthy food habits and stick with them

Check! Emeals.com really helped with that one. There were definitely some months right around when Eli was born that my food habits were rough, but I was successful for at least 10 months.

-Really learn how to use my cast iron skillet

Satisfied. I’m still not totally sure the right way to clean the sucker. I’m still using soap and water and scrubbing for an hour. But I can make some very tasty steak and pork chops!

-Finish setting my 40-by-40 goals(still missing about 9 goals)

Nope. Haven’t really thought about it. At this rate, this decade will be up by the time I pick all 40 goals.

-Finish painting inside of house

Sortof. We painted the living room. That’s all. 

-Run the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in December

Check! Five months postpartum. Probably not the best idea while still recuperating from symphysis pubic dysfunction during pregnancy. I ran the stupid race. And my pelvis didn’t let me hear the end of it. (The OB assured me my pelvis wouldn’t break in half. I was a bit worried.)

-Finally finish unpacking closets after moving 3 years ago

Nah. I had no energy. I blame Eli. 

-Learn to play the bass

Check! And it was SUPER fun! I’m not a pro, but I know where all the notes are and some basic stuff. I can follow guitar chords. I got to jam with some mom-friends weekly and we even played at our church talent show!

-Read through the Quran and study Islamic culture as part of my 40-by-40 goal to study one religion/culture a year

Check! This was extremely eye-opening and rewarding. I think everyone from any religion should take time to deeply study other religions. Along with reading the Quran, I completed an EdX class through Harvard on Islam, read a small pile of books, watched some documentaries, and really feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. 

-Read 100 books

Check! The Qur’an was my 100th book. Some books were kindof cheating, like The Magic Treehouse books I read to my kids. But some were unusually long, like the Hyperion series and the Qur’an. 

-Complete all 6 units in the EdX course World Religions Through Their Scriptures

Half check. I made it through the introduction unit, Christianity, and Islam. Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism will be on my 2017 goals. 

Of 13 goals, I completed 7 and half-completed two more. That’s pretty dang good. I’m really excited for my 2017 goals. I’ll be posting in the next few days- keep a lookout!

How did you do on your 2016 goals?