If I Ran For President

There’s not a single moderate running for office in 2016. With the two main political parties becoming increasingly more polarised, I feel like the best choice for president would be someone in the middle who can fairly utilize ideas from both sides and avoid ¬†corruption and bias. Thus, a thought experiment: What if I ran for President of the United States? What would my platform be?



  1. Take care of those who need help, but smart phones and TVs are not a human right. Food, shelter, and transportation and employment services need to be available to those who need it so they can function even on a low income. Americans need to do their best to work their own jobs and be self sufficient, but the government realises that bad things happen sometimes and people need help.
  2. Protected classes need continued protections, but not special privilege. Scholarship money and job opportunities should be amply available, as long as the candidate is qualified. When a minority competes with a non-minority for entrance to a University or employment, the better qualified should be chosen, regardless of protected class.


  1. Compensation of business leaders should be no more than 20 times that of the lowest paid employees, contractors included. If the CEO wants a raise after they’ve hit their max, they must raise the wage of their lowest paid employees. This also includes stock dividends or any other sneaky ways CEOs could find ways to pay themselves.
  2. Certain industries have become inflated and need to be audited. These include but are not limited to rent/mortgage, medical/prescription, insurance, and public higher education. These are industries that affect every american, and when they are inflated, cause Americans to pay a higher and higher percentage of their income to those specific industries, leaving little money for other budgetary needs. The profit ratio should be capped.


  1. Government employees shall not vote to raise their own wages.
  2. Campaign donations and lobbying should be banned. Non-For-Profit groups that represent the people may send letters to politicians, but nobody can offer politicians job opportunities or bribe them through the politicians’ private holdings. Politicians who own stock or businesses shall forfeit their vote on any matter that relates to their own personal wealth. This would hopefully decrease corruption- but we would continue to root out other forms of government corruption as we identify them. If a politician is caught taking any kind of bribe, they shall be subject to criminal court and lose their position in the government.
  3. All government agencies should be audited financially and employment should be weeded.
  4. The tax code needs to be simplified so the rich and corporations cannot get out of paying taxes, but even the poor should pay their part.


  1. Children’s’ education should be more geared toward making function adults, focussing on behavior, financial independance, employment readiness, health, and creative exploration. There should be less stress on standardised testing and early academics and they should give more time to free-time, play-time, and creative learning.
  2. Public higher education should be made cheaper or free to students while maintaining its high quality of education, as long as the courses are directly related to job preparation and not wasted on “curiosity courses”. The tax burden on the community would be minimal, but the skilled labor created and added to the economy would more than compensate.


I realise most of these things would be impossible. And honestly, I have no desire to actually be president. But, if someone had a platform similar to this, they would have my vote in a heartbeat. Too bad nobody even comes close this year.



2016 Goals

I like making goals. I don’t usually finish all of them, but even finishing most of them means I’m doing things and not stagnating. I’m much more motivated when I’ve defined real goals for myself that are things I want to do and am not forced to do.



-Write several times a week, finish more writing workbooks

-Finish my book, at least to a rough draft level

-Work out at least 4 times a week

-Continue to build healthy food habits and stick with them

-Really learn how to use my cast iron skillet

-Finish my 40-by-40 (still missing about 9 goals)

-Finish painting inside of house

-Run the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in December

-Finally finish unpacking closets after moving 3 years ago

-Learn to play the bass

-Read through the Quran and study Islamic culture as part of my 40-by-40 goal to study one religion/culture a year