30 By 30

Ever since I read The Happiness Project I’ve been thinking about making goals and accomplishing things that will help me be a happier, more complete person. Some friends who are my age are also working on their lists, so in a way, posting my list makes this a group experience. My list is unique to me, but I hope reading it will help inspire my reader(s) to make some goals of their own.  


1. Run a third marathon

2. As part of training for the marathon, follow Matt Fitzgerald’s marathon diet plan and get my food intake under control

3. Get my body to a fit 180 lbs or less with high muscle density

4. Work out at least 60 minutes a day MOST days of the week as a habit

5. Do yoga at least once a week

6. Stretch a little every day

7. Do 10 minutes of basic physical therapy core exercises every day




8: Read one non-fiction a month (or fewer if the books are long)

9: Read collections of Christian Apocrypha including “The Forbidden Books of the New Testament“, “Bible O.T. Apocryphal Books”, “The Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible” and maybe some others if I can get my hands on them.

10. Read the Mormon canon in its entirety with the fresh perspective of reading as an adult, not subject to the interpretations of any class or teacher (like seminary, institute, and college religion courses). This time around, my focus will be on learning what the scriptures mean TO ME rather than what they mean to everyone else.

11. Finish the Dune series

12. Read the Ringworld series

13. Write more fiction stories on my blog for practice

14. Outline one or more science fiction novels, maybe write one

15. Watch through the original Star Trek series and all the movies

16. Watch all the James Bond movies

17. Watch through the original Battlestar Galactica

18. Watch Citizen Cane and see what all the fuss is about

19. Finish playing Zelda: A Link to the Past

20. Get a radio in the kitchen that I can plug my phone into so I can listen to music with ease

21. Play musical instruments every day, even if its just for a minute with a kid on my lap

22. Read to the kids every day



23. Find a group musical outlet whether its a band or just a group to jam with.

24. Start teaching drum lessons again one or two days a week. 

25. Remodel kitchen and downstairs bathroom

26. Do a fun girls-only overnight adventure (Austin anyone?)

27. Play on the Texas beach

28. Go camping

29. Learn correct form when swimming front stroke (with my head in the water and turning my head for breath every other stroke).

30. Write my 40 by 40 list


I hope this was inspirational to my reader(s). If you have goals or lists of goals, I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment and check out my friend’s 30 by 30 on Makeshift Musings.